In the list of people who know how to relax, the Dutch and the West Indians rank the charts. The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao is a proof for it, if that statement ever needed one. Curacao is one of the most favorite beach vacation spot for people from all over the globe. Curacao means healing in Portuguese and it makes sense because this place has the ability to heal your wanderlust bug bite quite successfully. A vakantiehuis curacao is a must for anyone trying to have a vacation to remember.

The island is perfect for a family getaway or a friend’s reunion. Sailing or snorkeling, what gets your adrenaline high, Curacao can provide. It also boasts of the most scenic beaches in the Caribbean’s to enjoy the summer sunshine and sea breeze. Curacao is a UNESCO world heritage site a title that is attributed to its wide array of flora and fauna as well as unique architectural style that are an icing to the eye.


It is fitting that people who have visited Curacao have credited it with the title of having something for everyone. If you aren’t an adrenaline junkie and would rather revel in artistic history of a place, Curacao houses many famous artists in the world and is home to many supreme art galleries.

Even the slums of Curacao have been bought off by wealthy Dutchmen and been remodeled as hotels, villas. The easy availability of villa huren curacao means that your family doesn’t sacrifice luxury for adventure. Villa curacao huren are a thriving industry and hence people searching for such rentals are often spoilt for choice.

Water sports, beautiful beaches, friendly people, a thriving market and art scene and all this away from the humdrum of a modern city, that is Curacao in a nutshell.